Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Dead Perfect Blog Tour: Excerpt

Author P.G. Shriver has stopped by today with an excerpt for the Dead Perfect Blog Tour hosted by Young Adult Novel Reader.

We strolled around the block, talking, laughing, getting to know one another. I had waited a lifetime, and then some, for the girl to come around, and she squeezed my hand at that very moment. Her soft chocolate hair doused in strawberry scents drove me insane. When her eyes crinkled up at me in question, or smile, the urge to embrace her overwhelmed my senses. I had never felt this way before. Even feelings of Joanie, as I dreamt she was mine, were never this strong...
I had waited and waited for this since the race, and now she was here. I couldn't wait to tell Franky…  
And I would have to let her go. How could I let her go? I just knew that when she discovered the truth, she would leave me.  
The thought ripped at my heart, creating a pain so intense, my eyes glistened and I winced.

Wow. I've never thought I'd really want to read a YA contemporary in a boy's POV this much!

Genre: Romance, Young Adult
Pages: 228
Publisher: Gean Penny Books
Publication Date: Feb 1, 2012
Website: Dead Perfect on Goodreads


MEL My lifelong dreams never included falling in love. Graduating top of the class, going to college somewhere far away and starting a life in a place where my alcoholic mother could never find me were the first three goals on my list. Then the unexpected auto accident with Mother, after her regular doses of vodka, altered all of that. With her gone, my life and my perspective changed forever. 

DAVIS Desperate to find Joanie so I could break free, I returned to my old school. The search led me to her, my Aphrodite, a familiar lost look in her soulful eyes. Fantasies of her forced reasoning from my mind. I had to meet her! Once fallen, would her love for me survive the ghostly secrets haunting us? 

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