Friday, October 5, 2012

From the Review Pile #1: Jellicle Girl by Stevie Mikayne

From the Review Pile is a weekly meme hosted by Stepping Out of the Page.

Featured this week: Jellicle Girl by Stevie Mikayne

Publisher: Evolved Publishing
Publication Date: Aug 15, 2012

My copy of this book is provided by Books, Biscuits, and Tea - thank you!

Synopsis via Goodreads: 

When Beth met Jackie, she was fifteen and shy, living in the shadow of her mother: talented artist Heather Sarandon. Jackie—wilful, cheeky and confident, made Beth see things in herself that she'd never imagined, and do things she never thought she would. As memories of Beth's last night with Jackie grow more like waking nightmares, Beth does everything she can to forget the girl who was so much more than a friend...

Beth has a self-destructive ritual she swears she'll keep secret, even from the psychologist trying to help her. But Dr. Nancy Sullivan doesn't have time for secrets. In fact, she doesn't have much time at all. She's been charged with helping Beth break through the barriers of her past, knowing very well that her own demons might end her career before she can get through to the stubborn young woman. 

Meanwhile, a young foster child with a wicked sense of humour, and a devastating past, reminds Beth that secrets seem powerful, but can destroy the person who holds them too close. 

A haunting and evocative story about redemption, identity, and learning to let go of secrets that scar.

I've only read 30 pages or so of Jellicle Girl - and let's just say that I'll have to brush up on Cats (the musical). I'd definitely recommend this book to Broadway fans!

Three days past my sixteenth birthday, I slammed the door of my mother's grey, stone home for the last time. The brass knocker rocked on its hinge, squeaking indignantly against the red metal door. I felt the vibrations in my arm, rooted to the spot for a moment by my own audacity. Then I ran.

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